fredag 13. mars 2009

Israel's befolkning

Israel – a young population

(Vestbredden og Gaza regnes ikke med her, bare de som bor inne i selve Israel):

The figures published by the Central Bureau of Statistics show that Israel’s population is young compared to western nations. In 2007, 28.4% of Israelis were under 14, as opposed to only 17% in western countries. Likewise, 9.8% of Israel’s population was aged 65 and over, as opposed to 15% in the West.

Israel’s population stands at 7,337,000 people, including 5,542,000 Jewish Israelis (75.5 percent) and 1,477,000 Israeli Arabs (20.1%). Among Jews, 38.5% (2.2) million originate from a Europe or North America. 15% of Jews, numbering 871,000, are of African origins while 11.9% are from Asian countries. A total of 34.6% of Jews are native born whose parents were also born in the country.

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